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what is wierd about this video is that I shot it when I thought the victim was a total stranger, shortly after posting I found out it was a great local surf Dad that I love surfing with. Kevin and his family are at the top of the surf community in the area and I am so gllad that he will be ok and able to surf again! Thanks Andrew for doing the interview as everyone was wondering what happened. Count your blessings everyday.


Mavericks Dec. 21st all photos by Mike Jones Mike@azhiaziam.com.

Nazare PortugalDec. 11th and 12th. Some of the biggest waves ever surfed! Andrew Cotton, Garrett MacNamera, Ross Clark Jones, Benjamin Sanches and Sebastian Stuetdner to name a few. This is an UNCUT gallery, mostley unedited. There were some extreme white out conditions in the afternoon that made photographing almost impossible. All pics by Mike Jones Mike@azhiaziam.com

The Killer whales as seen off the coast of Morro bay California. This pod of whales was feeding on a grey whale that they had killed. Video coming soon! All photage by Mike Jones / Azhiaziam.com 805-771-0199

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