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      News — Praia Brava

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      AZHIAZIAM AIR FEST BRAZIL in Praia Brava, Brazil

      AZHIAZIAM AIR FEST BRAZIL in Praia Brava, Brazil - Azhiaziam


      Dec 10th 2018

      AZHIAZIAM AIR FESTIVAL: The competitors put on an awesome Air Show for the hundreds of people on the beach in Praia Brava, Brazil! Thanks to everyone who help put on this event! Check out our instagram page @AZHIAZIAM (LINK BELOW)  for more info on the event, sponsors, links and riders! 

      Last Saturday (8), the AZHIAZIAM Air Festival, Praia Brava, Itajaí (SC). The AIR championship had a different format, in which a roulette determined the maneuver that should be performed by the athletes.

      Among the maneuvers drawn were aerial 360, kerrupt, varial, superman, full rotation, slob grab, stale fish, free, alley oop and double grab.

      Highlights for well-known names such as Yuri Castro, Alan Fendrich, Mickey Bernadoni, Gustavo Schlickmann, Yago Ramos, Petterson Thomaz and Matheus Navarro.

      Check out the gallery registered by Ricardo Freitas, SurfMappers , with the best moments of the event.

      Air Festival 2018


      1 Matheus Navarro
      2 Yuri Castro
      3 Mickey Bernardoni
      4 Yago Ramos

      Expression Session Yago Ramos (aerial 360)

      Best Airplane Yuri Castro (alley oop)


      Dec. 5th from a Brazilian surf news website.

      The forecast is for an air show at Praia Brava in Itajaí this weekend. This is the expectation for the second Air Festival Brava Beach , which will bring together 24 of the country's best aerialists on the Brava waves on Saturday and Sunday, in front of the Hike.

      To raise the bar and test the limits, each heat will be drawn which aerial should be carried out by the competitors. The draw will be done through a roulette wheel with the options of the aerial maneuvers. If no athlete can make the aerial draw, the athlete who gets closer to completing will be the winner. 

      Among the many talents that will be at the Air Festival, the highlights are Matheus Navarro , Petterson Thomaz, Alan Fendrich , Daniel Kuerten, Gustavo Schlikman, Guilherme Tranquili , Pamplona Aminantes, Michelangelo Bernardoni and Yuri Castro. To judge this galley were invited Augustin Mica, Victor Drews and Vinicius D'avila. The championship is supervised by the Surfing Association of Itajaí Beaches - ASPI, which will also assist in the trial.

      Before the grand finale, the Expression Session will be held with the participation of 24 athletes. According to the organization, at this time there will be no interference. It will be the moment of fraternization of surfers.

      The prizes will be distributed to the winners R $ 2,000, as well as kits and a Snapy board for the champion. The public can also win several gifts that will be drawn through the Instagram of the event @airfestivalpraiabrava.

      The first call of the Air Festival will be at 8am with the first battery entering the sea at 9am. The event is expected to end at 6:00 pm and after the awards ceremony, a warm-up will be held at the Hike, preparing the athletes and the general public for the Cosmopolitan Hip Hop, an event held at At Home. The Cosmopolitan Hip Hop will have as attractions Bárbara Muller, Noleis and Kley. On Sunday, the party continues on the Hike and the waves of Praia Brava. from the website NEWS FROM THE SEA