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      What started as an obsession way back in 1983 with a young surfer, Mike Jones, who only wanted to go fast and catch "Air" off of the waves has turned into a multifaceted brand encompassing numerous sports, musicians, and artists from all over the Globe. We all shared a common bond; we are all AZHIAZIAM. 

      Big Air is his Trademark - Michael Lopaka Jones - Azhiaziam

      Azhiaziam’s flagship store opened its doors in Los Osos, California in 2003. The 400 square foot shop carried the first products of the Azhiaziam brand.  Some were T-shirts that had been screen-printed in Mike’s house on a tabletop printing press, others were trucker hats with an Azhiaziam stencil cut-out spray-painted across the front. There was surf gear, wetsuits, hoodies, hats, and decals. Locals and people from around the world were in there every day, excited to support an authentic brand. 

      Throughout the following years, the Azhiaziam base was growing. Some were groms that embodied what the company represented.  Many of Azhiaziam’s biggest fans weren’t surfers, but skateboarders, base jumpers, motocross racers, rock climbers, jet-skiers, musician and anything else you could think of. What Mike quickly realized was that there were countless other sports that specialized in catching air that truly wanted to be a part of what Azhiaziam represented.  And so, Azhiaziam came to incorporate these innovators from all walks of life and all areas of interest, with a special emphasis on those sports that were pushing the boundaries of the status quo and pulling gravity-defying maneuvers. 

      Azhiaziam went on to hold Surfing “Air” Competitions locally, host music events, and sponsor up-and-coming bands like Iration and Rebelution.  Azhiaziam has sponsored AzHiAzIaM products to surf innovators like Christian and Greyson Fletcher, Chris Ward, Ryan Carlson, Chuck Patterson to name a few. Azhiaziam team members from other sports have included Vert, Street and Down Hill Skaters, Motocross, Ultra 4 Racing, Bull riders, Base Jumpers, Jet Skiers and many, many more.  

      But deep down, AzHiAzIaM is for everyone. You do not have to do some crazy sport to be AzHiAzIaM, it can be whatever YOU want it to be. And that is the best part about the brand. Stay AzHiAzIaM.