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      Dane Kealoha on AzHiAzIaM

      Dane Kealoha on AzHiAzIaM - Azhiaziam

      Dane is on of our favorite surfers of all time so we were stoked when our friend David Langer sent us this video of him embracing the AzHiAziaM Brand and philosophies. 

      *Dane is a power surfer from Hawaii, who was once ranked #2 in the World. He continues to surf all the time and tow surfs massive waves all over the Islands including the infamous big wave break JAWS on Maui.

      AzHiAzIaM Drone Dayz

      AzHiAzIaM Drone Dayz - Azhiaziam

      AzHiAziaM Scores a new drone and gets some epic footage of the Central Coast of California. "We are mostly flying it close to home right now getting used to its abilities and limits, then we will start to use it when we travel to hunt down the biggest waves we can find." Says Mike Jones of AzHiAzIaM. "We are using the Dji Phantom 4 (4k video) which is a highly capable drone and is very fun to use right from our shop in Morro bay, from capturing awesome sunsets to checking hard to get to surf spots from the air, I am completely stoked on this thing!"

      Keep Checking the link below as we will continue to add pics and videos to this galleries!