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      News — big waves

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      Teahupoo Code Red: Conquering Monstrous Swells with AzHiAzIaM and Mike Jones

      Brace yourself for an exhilarating surfing adventure unlike any other! Join the mastermind behind AzHiAzIaM and the talented rebound surf videographer Mike Jones as they take you on a heart-stopping ride through the treacherous waves of Teahupoo in Tahiti. In this action-packed film, witness the relentless power of the largest swells ever surfed at this legendary spot. AzHiAzIaM and Mike Jones push the limits of human courage and skill, capturing jaw-dropping footage that has captivated millions of viewers worldwide. The film seamlessly blends the heart-pounding surf action with the soul-stirring sounds of AzHiAzIaM's favorite bands. Let the intense beats and melodic rhythms fuel your adrenaline as you witness death-defying drops, massive barrels, and mind-blowing maneuvers performed by a group of fearless surfers who thrive on the edge of possibility. Experience the raw beauty and unforgiving nature of Teahupoo as AzHiAzIaM and Mike Jones capture the essence of this breathtaking location. Through their lens, you'll immerse yourself in the world of big-wave surfing, feeling the rush of the ocean and the primal energy of the surfers who dare to conquer it. Whether you're an avid surfer or an adrenaline junkie seeking the ultimate thrill, "Teahupoo Unleashed" will leave you in awe. Join the millions who have already witnessed this mesmerizing film and prepare to have your senses ignited. Get ready to ride the biggest waves, feel the power of the ocean, and witness the indomitable spirit of those who chase their wildest dreams. Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey into the heart of Teahupoo's colossal swells. Hit that play button and let the adventure begin. Filmed Aug 27th 2011

      WSL Big Wave Contest 2018 Nazare Portugal

      WSL Big Wave Contest 2018 Nazare Portugal - Azhiaziam

      Another week in one of my favorite country's, Portugal! Coming from a Portuguese / Hawaiian mother I have always  been enchanted with my Grandfathers homeland... I first visited Portugal as a sponsored surfer in 1998 with some of my best central coast homies, Dustin Ray and Gabe Gazzolla along with some New Yorkers from the UNSOUND Crew...We had a blast, scored epic waves, stayed in ancient castles and ate like kings! I have been hooked ever since, even making two family trips there last year to visit friends and enjoy the easy lifestyle. 

      This year I went for a different reason, I went to document one of the largest forcasted swells ever seen to hit the region. Unfortunately a slight Westerly angle to the swell decimated any chance of the swell becoming historic.

      Fortunately, I did decide to shoot the WSL event that took place a couple of days before the big swell was supposed to hit. And I am so glad I did. The waves were good size and PERFECT! I stood there all day in awe of what was going down with all of the surfers and rescue ski's going 100% all Day. These are just a few shots from the day...

      Contest results:

      1st  Grant "Twiggy" Baker

      2nd Lucas Chianca

      3rd Naxto Gonzalez

      4th Alex Botelho

      5th Joao De Macedo

      6th Russel Bierke

      All Photos by Mike Lopaka Jones info@azhiaziam.com