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      Drone Foil Boarding with Kiteboarder Jason Lee

      Drone Foil Boarding with Kiteboarder Jason Lee - Azhiaziam

      Drone Foiling!!!
      Once on foil there's almost no drag and the hexacopter uses a lot less energy. It would be 10X more fun to control the drone from the tow rope.

      Board: https://bit.ly/2OkHHqB
      Foil: https://bit.ly/2zEddrc
      Drone Frame: TBA
      DJI A3: https://bit.ly/2zEkU0E
      DJI Lightbridge 2: https://bit.ly/2zDgozF
      Motors: 6 X Tiger Motor P60
      Props: 6 X 22 inch Folding Carbon Fiber
      Batteries: 2 X https://bit.ly/2N6PXWw

      AzHiAzIaM Drone Dayz

      AzHiAzIaM Drone Dayz - Azhiaziam

      AzHiAziaM Scores a new drone and gets some epic footage of the Central Coast of California. "We are mostly flying it close to home right now getting used to its abilities and limits, then we will start to use it when we travel to hunt down the biggest waves we can find." Says Mike Jones of AzHiAzIaM. "We are using the Dji Phantom 4 (4k video) which is a highly capable drone and is very fun to use right from our shop in Morro bay, from capturing awesome sunsets to checking hard to get to surf spots from the air, I am completely stoked on this thing!"

      Keep Checking the link below as we will continue to add pics and videos to this galleries!